Bay Area watersheds need a helping hand-yours

We all live in a watershed. At home, at work or at your child's school, chances are that water is trickling and gushing underfoot, flowing into the San Francisco Bay.

Our watersheds connect us to each other and to the entire Bay Area. Everything we do-from mountaintop to marsh-affects our water and wildlife, our air and soil quality, our families and communities.

But our ties to local water resources have unraveled. Birds and fish have fled in the face of urban and industrial development. Shorelines sprout trash instead of grasses.

Join The Watershed Project in restoring the natural wonder of the San Francisco Bay-one creek, marsh and watershed at a time.


Interview with Femke Freiberg

Femke Freiberg is a former TWP employee, and currently is the Manager of California Water Programs at the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. We spoke to her about TWP and the role watershed protection has played in her life.

Education Corner

I’m not a birder, even though I love watching birds. I carry binoculars on every hike, I’ve read birding books and I can identify a fair number of local birds reasonably well. But I’m not a birder.
When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the world."
John Muir